About Tejarat Pardazan Electronic

تجارت پردازان الکتورنیک

Tejarat Pardazan Electronic is a leading supplier and contractor of IT and ICT Solutions in Iran. Established in 2005, the resolution for T.P.E. has continuously been commitment, support, research, and experience. Utilizing the highly educated experts in the fields of IT and Telecommunications, the company has been able to fulfill its commitments and keep the clients satisfied.

Interactions in the International Scope

Managerial Capabilities

The management in Tejarat Pardazan Electronic is a combination of science and experience, representing a new definition of management in this family. Being structure-dependent instead of being person-dependent, paying very much attention to education, training, proper preparation for the engineering section, investment on R&D, investment on talented human resources, are other characteristics of the management of this company.

Modern Structure in a Traditional Environment

With more than 12 years of experience in IT projects, T.P.E. has held the motto “Knowledge is Power” as the motivation of all decisions. TPE realized that biggest problems in the work are due to lack of proper education. Therefore, TPE has implemented training, laboratory and research to all sections to address this issue and has been able to establish one of the most equipped educational centers in the country in the field of IP Telephony (VoIP) and Information Security including a video conference room.


The T.P.E. group has identified the root of major disorders and inefficiencies in the projects to be the lack of proper training. Therefore, we have provided a reliable training environment for the managers and the engineers of other organizations and companies, utilizing the expertise and knowledge of local experts. In addition, being in contact with International companies, enables the company to hold some classes or courses in foreign countries in case the required knowledge is not available inside the boundaries of the country.

You can reach TPE via info@tpe.co.ir in case you are interested to know more about us, or to discuss a business with us.

Engineering Capabilities

The engineering section of the company holds a CCIE VOICE license. And having the following certificates proves our educational capabilities in the projects we are working on:

CCIE Voice #28551 (Cisco certified Network Professional)/CCDP (Cisco Certified Professional CCNP)

(Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional)/CCVP (Cisco Certified Voice Professional CCIP)

CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional)/Cisco ISP Specialist

Cisco Information Security Specialist/Cisco ISP Specialist

Cisco IP Contact Center Express Specialist/MCSE; 2003+security/FCNCE Foundry

About Tejarat Pardazan Electronic
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